Art by kids to share

"Art is an international language, understood by all." Igor Babilov

The gallery is based on a traditional schools' travelling art show, where several schools contribute pieces and the entire collection travels to multiple venues over several months. That's all a bit too hard over several continents, so we have found a 21st century solution.

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What is ARtART?

Student artworks, produced at each school, are carefully photographed and the digital images are shared with each of the participating schools. At each school they are laser printed and the entire exhibition is displayed - a glorious and colourful vision in itself! When viewed via the HP Aurasma app through a device (phone or tablet), the reality is augmented with the young artists sharing their ideas, inspiration and personality. It's like having the artist there with you!

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The Augmented Reality Travelling Art Gallery ( is an international collaboration between educators from the IBSC (International Boys' Schools Coalition) action research cohort of 2016/ 2017.
After presenting their research findings at the IBSC Annual Conference in Baltimore in June 2017, Lynn Terman (previously St Mark's, Dallas, USA. Currently GEMS Dubai American Academy), Julius Wong (St Kevin's, Melbourne, Australia) and Paul Harrington (SHORE, Sydney, Australia) decided that, in a spirit of collaboration and building global partnerships, they would team up to promote dialogue between their schools and the students under their care.
With an interest in augmented reality, they decided to explore this technology to add richness and personality to the student artworks that they would share digitally across the globe.